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Like most European countries, the French did not use surnames until the Middle Ages. People did not venture far from their small villages and everyone usually knew each other. As the villages grew into towns and cities and people moved about more, it became necessary to have a better identification than a first name. The first recorded use of surnames in France was in the A.D. 1000s, but it would be a few centuries before it became common practice.

Disney has been making a lot of hay recently out of turning its legacy animated properties into live-action adaptations. I'm on the fence about this, mainly because I would like to cultivate what new story possibilities are out there, but also because a remake for remake's sake is just redundant. And veteran director and actor Jon Favreau took on a Herculean task with the House of Mouse's latest venture – a version of its 1994 blockbuster success “The Lion King” done in photorealistic CGI. While a production masterpiece, Favreau's version can't seem to shake itself from what's been done before, meaning there isn't much here that we didn't all enjoy 25 years ago.

Around this time of year a number of inquiries are received centering around the cause of “half circle holes” in the foliage of bougainvilla, ash trees, rose bushes, and other plants with thin, smooth leaves … another mystery in the garden.

Supporters say a bill headed to Gov. Doug Ducey's desk requiring adult changing stations in new or renovated state buildings is a big first step, but will have little immediate impact for those who need them now.

More than a month after the Rosemont Mine received its final permit to being operations, the Pima County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution opposing the project on a 3-2 vote.