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“The Call of the Wild” is perhaps a simple movie, but an endearing one. What director Chris Sanders manages to do in his adaptation of Jack London’s classic novel is what the original author did: give the audience a taste of the allure of the unknown frontier. Beautiful in scope, the film is a visual delight as it depicts the north as it once was.

I have to be honest; “Sonic the Hedgehog” is a better movie than it should be. After watching the trailers I went in expecting it to be juvenile, trite, formulaic and more than a little dumb. And, admittedly, it is many of those things. But anchored by a cast that director Jeff Fowler seems to have told “just have fun with it,” the film is also surprisingly diverting to watch.

Several years ago when they announced a new Jumanji movie in the works, I greeted the news with a healthy dose of skepticism. Either this would be really good or it would ruin my childhood and the memories I had of the 1995 family film starring the late, great Robin Williams. Much to my surprise it turned out to be the former and much better than I had expected.