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OPINION  Shout out to Lynn Grooms for all the incredible articles she has been writing on the amazing Soil Sisters. But that’s not all Lynn does; she has had 25 articles in Agri-View so far this year. Lynn has been with Agri-View for more than five years, and if you search their site for her name, you get 700-plus hits. She has also run Grooms Communications for more than 20 years, writing for such publications as Farm Industry News, Thrive and Canadian Equipment Dealer, plus writing for other firms. She has written for a variety of publications and firms, but it looks as though almost everything or everything has been in the ag world, in one guise or another. If you haven’t met Lynn yet, keep an eye out for her at Wisconsin Farmers union events and thank her for her great work!

Sharon and Dick Pomo, with Jiffy the guide dog.