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Every industry has disreputable companies that will try to take advantage of you and, unfortunately, the heating and cooling industry is no different. There are ways to spot them, though, and stop them in their tracks before they take your hard-earned money.

A new year is the perfect time to replace old, outdated items in your home with modern, efficient ones. And one of the best, most cost-effective places to start is with your home’s thermostat. Regardless what type of thermostat you have now, you can upgrade it to one that adds new energy efficiency and comfort.

Yes! Thermostats range from simple-to-use to more sophisticated. Many people opt for convenience, comfort and energy efficiency when selecting a thermostat. Depending on your criteria, there are several options to choose from when shopping for thermostats. You’ll find that thermostats are designed as manual, programmable or smart/Wi-Fi.