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A Jeep and golf cart at the accident scene Monday.

Desert winter temperatures may be mild compared to much of the United States, but they can drop low enough to dissuade many ornamentals grown here. However, there are a number of plants that do not require protection from the cold. Following are just a few.

In many parts of the country, January is when folks remain inside, usually in front of a roaring fire, only glancing at the icy outdoors occasionally. The desert winter scene is different. Here, for those who like to be outdoors, there are tasks to be done year-round, January included.

Bright berries have long been associated with the holiday scene. However, typical holly berries do not favor life in the desert. Are there any other colorful, living options that can be substituted from the natural Southwest landscape? Following are a few.

Everyone gets excited when, in early spring, the wildflowers begin to spread color across the landscape. There is still time to start the process by shopping for seeds and preparing to rake, scatter and water. Most garden stores have large selections of mixes for the Sonoran Desert as well as individual flower choices for scattering in dazzling drifts.