I see letters stating that Trump is dividing America. Was it when Democrats boycotted his inauguration, or 19 minutes later when The Washington Post declared that “the impeachment campaign has started” that he divided America? Was it when Nancy Pelosi ripped up his State of the Union speech?  Was it was the two-plus years of the Mueller investigation that went after every associate and family member, trying to prove Russian collusion, and found none?  Is it the 92% negative reporting by the mainstream?  Is it because he donates his full salary that he is divisive?  Was it the “cages” built by Obama that the press tried to blame on Trump? Was it when he stopped travel from China to slow the virus? 

Trump is called a racist, but it was Joe Biden who gave a glowing eulogy to the late Sen. Robert Byrd, a high-ranking member of the KKK. They don’t teach THAT in school!

Raymond D. Trombino, Sahuarita