Congress has again reprised - and in fact has crafted legislation for the terrible notion of financial “reparations” to America’s black citizens.

Not only is this extremely insulting to black citizens, it is divisive. No black person in this country was a slave; no white person in this country has owned a slave. Penalizing white America for what occurred almost two centuries ago further drives a wedge into race relations in America.

Black citizens were making economic strides before Lyndon Johnson launched his “Great Society,” which condemned 13 percent of Americans to government dependence, ghettos, failing inner-city schools, break-up of families and crime. Many black people managed to break those shackles and get out; many didn’t. Black people needed opportunity, not free stuff from people who assumed they couldn’t make it on their own. 

I understand “white-guilt” (which probably propelled an unaccomplished Barack Obama into the White House), but it’s time to get over it. There will always be some racism, but, no, it is not “institutional racism.” We have Latino racists, Asian, white, black racists. But for a half-century our laws have demanded equality. I also understand that a certain political party thrives on “identity politics,” further separating the races.

But at least if we as individuals simply treated people per their quality as a person (some black people are not nice people, just like the rest of us; don’t give them a pass because of their color. Some will take full advantage of that.)

Demand the same behavior from people, regardless of their skin color. I would love to see in my lifetime, the end of this selectivity of treatment and expectations of people based on their color. Reparations doesn’t help.

Scott Anderson, Green Valley

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