There is no disputing the indelible fingerprint of Bob Sharpe on the Town of Sahuarita and Pima County. His dream of building a unique community that provides its residents an unparalleled quality of life and value is nationally recognized today. The perseverance required to see that dream become a reality was quite remarkable as the project nearly bankrupted numerous times before he made it become a reality.

Mr. Sharpe’s commitment to excellence was also embodied in his focus on education, his partnership with the local school district and with Pima County Library. Bob had always wanted to see a permanent Pima County Library in Sahuarita. Over 12 years ago, Bob offered the county one of his buildings to house a temporary library, at no charge and with no strings attached, in order to provide this important asset to our community. He always believed a library was as important to the town as good schools. He was always very generous to the Sahuarita Unified School District, as well as with the Pima County Library.

As many know, Bob Sharpe lived every day with the belief that “Today is a good day” and his purpose was always grounded on making people’s lives better. Every project Bob embarked on in Sahuarita was executed with excellence, usually overspending to ensure our community was beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. As a former director of the Rancho Sahuarita HOA board, I witnessed this first hand on many occasions and had the privilege of experiencing Bob’s love for this community which manifested in many different ways.

I can think of no better way to honor Bob Sharpe’s memory and legacy in Sahuarita than by naming the library on the SUSD campus in the heart of Rancho Sahuarita after him. I know thousands of appreciative residents of our fine community certainly agree with me.

Brice Elliott, Sahuarita