What makes a great community?

It’s not location or price but the people who live there. I recently received a call asking how many people without family we had living here. With the help of our manager we made a list. When I gave her the list, off she went shopping. When others heard about this they wanted to help and donate.

These ladies filled 54 stockings and gift bags, which were delivered Christmas Eve day. Santa’s elves knocked on doors. it was wonderful to see the surprise and joy there were even some tears on our homeowners faces. Most of our singles are 70+. They have raised their families, worked their jobs and now find themselves alone.

Another group got together and helped each other put up outside lights. This year has been hard in so many ways that to be a part of something this positive proves that with kindness and love we can make the year end on a happier note. These kind acts are what makes up a community.

Joyce Bulau, Green Valley