I drove by the accident Friday at West Duval Mine Road and South Alpha Avenue.

Traffic was a mess and other drivers were so into what happened that another accident could have occurred. I’m not a looky-loo, for my own safety. I had to go to the pharmacy at Safeway, for which the parking lot is an accident waiting to happen or someone being hit. Approximately 15 minutes later, there was a fender bender southbound on La Cañada just south of Duval.

I’m a year-round resident of Green Valley and with our winter visitors back and the holidays approaching, people need to be more careful and able to swivel their heads 360 degrees. There are many on the road who shouldn’t be driving anyway. It’s no wonder my vehicle insurance is so high.

As I’m writing this I’m hearing more sirens. I realize the rain we had for several days kept many from going out, myself included.

Just slow down! Watch what you’re doing! Watch the other drivers! Life is too short to think you own the road.

Dianna Voss, Green Valley

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