U.S. District Attorney Philip Herrick and his wife Eleanor spent the early 1940s in Puerto Rico. After a German submarine was spotted nearby, American dependents were evacuated, so Christine Farish Herrick was born at Doctor's Hospital in Washington D.C., on Oct. 12, 1942. Returning to San Juan the next year, the Herricks employed a nanny who had a hard time pronouncing Christine’s name, calling her “Stina” instead. The name stuck, and Christine has been Stina ever since.

Stina attended Groveton High School and James Madison University, both in Virginia. Her favorite memory was being chosen Halloween Queen.

Stina picked up the travel bug at an early age, and she never stopped moving. By her reckoning, she lived in 34 different homes. She liked making new friends everywhere she went, but think of all of the money she could have saved not having to buy new curtains every few years!

Stina loved playing Mah Jongg and Rummikub, and she taught dozens of others (she even let them win on occasion). She also enjoyed sewing and quilting, and she made many items that are cherished by family members and friends.

Lymphoma handed Stina a death sentence in 1992, but she wasn't ready to quit quilting, dancing, or laughing with friends, so she decided not to play by cancer’s rules. Unfortunately, cancer had the last word 26 years later, and it ultimately took her life on Oct. 23.

Stina’s happiest moments were spent in her favorite place, Green Valley, where she made pillowcases for deployed troops and was happily active in the singles club with her dearest friends. She also enjoyed the Elks, volunteering at DaZee’s, and attending the Methodist Church.

She is loved and missed by her children, Samuel (Gwen) and Philip (Nicole); her grandchildren, Samuel, Shaw Field, and Belle; her siblings Phil Herrick (Carole) and Sudi White; and the many people whose lives she touched. Her ashes will be interred alongside those of her parents in Orange, Virginia.