The VERITAS gamma-ray instrument on the Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory grounds. Whipple is looking for public feedback as they plan future programming and exhibits.

Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory is looking for more responses to a survey as they plan future programs and exhibits.

The survey takes about 10 minutes and includes a complimentary bus tour pass. Whipple is closed to the public due to coronavirus, but the passes will be good when tours resume.

The public can access the survey on the observatory's Facebook page.

Observatory spokesperson Amy Oliver said survey responses would provide community feedback as Whipple works to become "the place" for science experiences south of Tucson.

"This is their Smithsonian," she said. "Very few places outside of Washington, D.C., get to say they have a Smithsonian, and few people really get to have input into the development of what their local science center becomes and does for them."

Whipple is the largest field installation of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory near Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Whipple is also holding an online star party Sept. 18 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. The event is open to the public and can be accessed through the observatory's Facebook or YouTube page. The event features theoretical astrophysicist Amir Siraj as the speaker.

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