The Walden Grove Red Wolves added another shut-out to their record Friday night with a 27-0 win over the Pusch Ridge Christian Academy Lions.

Junior Stephen Brower Jr. had 262 rushing yards for the game and senior Alex Lopez finished with 105 passing and 95 rushing yards. On the downside, the team had 15 penalties resulting in a loss of 155 yards.

The game started with each team having its hopes dashed by a penalty or a stop from the opposite.

The Red Wolves drove the ball to the enemies’ redzone at the end of the first quarter and the second quarter opened up with a 17-yard pass from Lopez to junior Sebastian Adamski.

“We control our own destiny,” head coach Corey Noble said after the game. “Our goal is go 1-0 every week, and we have a big game next week.”

The rest of the first half played out with each team duking it out only to get a nice punt in or be stopped at the goal line.

After an Marvel-themed halftime show from the PAC Dance Team, possession of the ball bounced back and forth until the Red Wolves were able to score on its third try with a three-yard rushing touchdown from Brower.

“I found a hole thanks to my linemen,” Brower said after the game. “I just see the widest part and I try to hit that part as fast as I can.”

After that attempt, the Lions made their way to the two-yard line, but fumbled it. The Lions forced tried for a fourth-down conversion, but the Red Wolves were able to intercept the ball and run it eight-yards up to take away any chance the Lions had.

During the first drive of the fourth quarter, Lopez was able to put it in the hands of sophomore Max Reese’s hands for a quick two-yard touchdown.

After that Pusch Ridge would get the ball and only gather one first down. They had an incomplete pass on fourth down which led to Walden Grove having the ball for the final minutes and running out the clock.

Brower would take the ball up and up for four, five and even six-yard gains just to keep the time going.

Eventually senior Sam Martinez got the chance to go for a quick 11-yard touchdown. Pusch Ridge would get the ball once again, but not have enough time to do anything with it, making the final score 27-0.

“Your backs were against the wall and you never stopped playing,” Noble said. “Nothing is going to stop us but us.”

The Red Wolves will have their first away game against Casa Grande at 7 p.m. The last time these teams met, the Red Wolves pulled away with a two-point win at home with thanks in part to 366 rushing yards, with 182 of them from the now graduated Bradley Capen and 93 passing yards from Lopez.

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