Sahuarita received 24 applications to fill two vacancies on the Town Council before the deadline Thursday. Now the council will begin reviewing applications and holding open meetings as part of the interview process.

There are two special meetings planned. The first will be Aug. 12, 5 p.m., where the Town Council will select which candidates will get interviews. The interviews will be conducted at the second special meeting Aug. 19. 6:30 p.m. Both meetings will be held at Town Hall.

The two candidates selected to fill the vacancies left by Dalia Zimmerman and Lynne Skelton will be sworn in before the next regular Town Council meeting Aug. 26. Here is a brief look at the 24 candidates taken from their applications.

Jeff Allen

Currently serving on Sahuarita's Parks & Recreation Commission and the Board of Adjustment, Allen also has prior experience with Ypsilanti Township, Michigan. Allen stated balancing growth and infrastructure was one of Sahuarita's most significant issues, but he also wants to work toward encouraging more development.

Gina Anderson

Anderson reported having experience with different charitable and real estate committees as well as having served as vice-president of the Rancho Buena Vista Homeowners Association. Anderson said balancing infrastructure with growth is a significant issue and so is creating future opportunities for the town's youth. Anderson said she wants to help facilitate the town growing and changing with the times.

Sergio Arellano 

Currently serving on the Continental Elementary School District #39's Governing Board, Arellano has also served on the town's Parks & Recreation Commission as well as on boards and committees with the state and Pima County. Arellano stated growth is the town's biggest challenge and asset. He wants to continue a tradition of fiscal responsibility as well as being responsive to residents.

Kimberly Barney

Barney reported having leadership experience with outdoor groups and the Los Arroyos Homeowners Association. Barney stated growth is the most significant issue facing the town and and she wants to maintain what the town has. She wants to see more community involvement when it comes to town planning and growth.

Peter Berkeley

Berkeley reported having prior experience as a board member and corporate secretary with the Condo Association in Ottawa, Canada as well as with committees related to business process. He is concerned about balancing the developing and maintaining of a family-oriented community with being a premier retirement location. He also wants to create a seamless infrastructure that supports demographically-diverse communities, Berkeley stated. 

Adam Blair

Blair is currently the secretary of a law enforcement motorcycle club. He would like to balance the budget while continuing to expand, Blair stated. Blair said he wants to keep Sahuarita affordable while still maintaining an upscale feel to the town. 

Charles Borozinski

Borozinski has served with Parks & Recreation Commission, the board of the La Joya Verde HOA, the BAJA Sporting Club and the Arizona City Chamber of Commerce. Borozinski listed the Interstate 11 corridor, the new Town Center and managing growth while bringing in new commerce as the most significant issues facing Sahuarita. 

Kathleen Camp

Camp has worked in various roles with Clark County Department of Aviation, Nevada, Charlotte Douglas International Airport and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. Camp believes the most significant issue facing Sahuarita is how to manage growth while continuing to promote the town as an affordable and quality place to live. Camp said she wants to promote the town's natural surroundings.

Jessica Cardenas

Cardenas has served as secretary for the Parent Teacher Association and has volunteered as a Democratic canvasser. Cardenas stated the most significant issues facing Sahuarita are population growth and bringing good-paying jobs to residents. Cardenas said she plans to get to know the community better by getting out and talking with others.

Erik Dahl

Dahl reported experience on a local police officer labor association while working as an officer in Wisconsin. The most significant issue facing the town is continuing to manage the town's growth and planning for infrastructure upgrades. Dahl said he wants to see more community involvement in the town and finding ways to unify the community.

Simon Davis

Davis serves on the board of the Arizona Fire District Association Executive Board and is the Corona de Tucson Fire District chief and vice chair of the La Posada Board of Trustees. The most significant issue facing Sahuarita is maintaining a strong financial foundation, Davis stated. Davis said he would focus on economic development, policing and strong infrastructure.

Ryan Huber

Huber reported previous experience with the Rancho Sahuarita Village Program Association Board of Directors. The most significant issue facing Sahuarita is the government's ability to maintain focus on its proper role of protecting and preserving rights, Huber stated. Huber wants to help Sahuarita have a business-friendly reputation, he said.

Paul Kramkowski

Kramkowski currently serves as chairman of the Pima County Local Emergency Planning Committee, he reported. The most significant issue facing Sahuarita is maintaining economic stability while providing the services and infrastructure needed today and expanding them to meet future needs, Kramkowski stated. 

Edgar Lytle Sr.

Lytle said he was elected twice as the Republican vice chair of Alaska District 22 and served as a campaign volunteer for six governors. Lytle said the town needs to be willing to bring all neighborhoods together despite differences and be both neighborhood and business friendly. Lytle said he would be a champion for council districts and a mayor elected by the public.

John Malott

Malott has served on committees at private companies.  He said the most significant issue facing Sahuarita is continuing to maintain a balanced budget while also having the responsibility of securing funds to maintaining infrastructure, public safety and quality of life. 

Myra Yvonne McCune

McCune currently serves as treasurer with the Green Valley Officer's Association and is a member of the scholarship committee. The most significant issue facing Sahuarita is rapid growth which affects the budget, services and the environment, McCune stated. McCune said she supports the town's vision for a town square and hopes to participate in selecting a design.

Mitchell Miramontes

Miramontes reported having previously served on the planning and zoning commission. The most significant issues facing Sahuarita are economic and infrastructure development, he stated. Miramontes said he wants to strengthen public unification and making their desires for the town's future a reality.

Deborah Morales

Morales has sat on the San Xavier Little League and Pop warner Redskins Football Association boards. One of the most significant issues facing Sahuarita is balancing the need for growth with the quality of life of the community and communication with the public about necessary changes, she said. Morales wants to bring the community together to tackle common goals.

Mary "Marty" Teresa Moreno

Moreno served on the town council from June 2001 to May 2009. The most significant issue facing the town is annexation and the lack of land to attract light distribution or light industry, she stated. Moreno said she wants to research grant opportunities to help develop and attract high paying employment and "new residents with higher education."

Lora Nastase 

Nastase has served on the Friends of the Green Valley/Sahuarita Library and Sahuarita Educational Enrichment Foundation boards. She is concerned about Sahuarita expanding the town's economic development and workforce base, ensuring infrastructure can support economic and residential growth and having a strong connection between law enforcement and the community.

John O'Rourke

O'Rourke reported previous experience as vice president of human resources for publicly traded European corporations. O'Rourke said Sahuarita's growth must be orderly managed to maintain quality of life and property values. He would like to ensure the needs and priorities of the town's southern districts are met while taking into account the well being of the town as a whole.

Kenneth Shultz Jr.

Shultz has more than 40 years in fire services and is currently the fire chief for Helmet Peak Fire Department. He also serves on committees with different fire service related associations and foundations. Among the issues he said Sahuarita is facing are: commercial growth, accompanying infrastructure, public safety and trust in public agencies, he said. 

Anthony Sizer

Sizer has served on the Arizona's Children Association Board of Directors and as a committeeman with the Arizona Republican Party. The most significant issue facing Sahuarita is growth and strategic annexing while the town is in position to expand, he stated. Sizer said he would like to help continue the town's growth and expand the community.

Mark Workman

Workman was elected to a homeowners association in Nevada and was on award and recognition boards while in the U.S. Air Force. The most significant issue facing the town is rapid growth and ensuring basic services are able to handle an influx in the population, he stated. He said this is the only place he's experienced where fire and medical services are privately paid for and they should be the responsibility of the government and elected officials. 

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