The Pima County Sheriff’s Department is investigating a Tucson woman they suspect passed $220 in fake $20 bills at three Walgreens within 40 minutes.

According to a PCSD report, the manager of the Walgreens on Nogales Highway called the manager at the Walgreens on Esperanza Boulevard Sunday after he found eight counterfeit $20 bills in one of his drawers. When the Esperanza manager found three fake $20 bills in her drawer, she called the Walgreens at Continental Road and La Cañada to warn them and she called 911.

Using surveillance video and interviews from all three stores, deputies discovered that a Tucson woman bought $150 to $160 worth of items from the store on Nogales Highway. She then went to the store on Esperanza where she returned all but one item for cash and purchased another item. She then went to the store on Continental and returned the newly purchased item for cash.

Because the woman used her father’s Balance Reward card, deputies were able to track her down.

The woman denied noticing anything wrong with the bills she used. She said she’d recently sold several items during a moving sale and assumed the bills came from those sales.

She said she returned the items, which included a bed railing and humidifier, because they weren’t what she wanted.


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