The No. 5 Walden Grove Red Wolves finished its regular season play with a 63-8 win over the Palo Verde Titans.

The Red Wolves would score 49 points in the first half and another 14 in the second half with many of the alternates in for play.

“Our starters came out and they looked crisp, sharp from the beginning,” Coach Corey Noble said. “We got guys out there playing positions they’ve never played before to get them game reps. Sometimes you gotta learn to swim by being throw in a lake and grabbing a handful of water.”

The Red Wolves started with a scoring drive which was followed up by an 11-yard pick-6 from sophomore Zachary Young.

“It felt great,” Young said. “It was my first pick-6 and I don’t really know what happened.”

Up until the end of the first half, every other Red Wolves drive would lead up to a touchdown.

The second half slowed down as the Red Wolves' alternates came into play, but they still scored two touchdowns.

The last regular season game left some players with a sad outlook even through the win.

“I’m pretty sad to be honest,” senior Alex Lopez said. “It came super fast cause I’m a senior and I’ve been with this team for four years. Just imagining the regular season is coming to an end is sad but we’re in a good spot for playoffs.”

The No. 5 Red Wolves will host No. 12 Casa Grande High School at home at 7 p.m. on Nov. 8.

"It's a chance at redemption coming out of the gates," Noble said. "Couldn't ask for more than that."

The last time these two teams met was at the beginning of the season in the Red Wolves' third game. Casa Grande would hand Walden Grove its only loss in a 33-21 game.

Casa Grande had 107 more passing yards and 29 more rushing yards than the Red Wolves.

Lopez said he knows exactly what he needs to work on to get his game right.

"I'm going to watch all the film I can," Lopez said. "I need to read the field quicker because I know these D-lines we're going to play are super good."

Should the Red Wolves win its match up, they will move to play the winner between No. 13 Prescott and No. 4 Desert Edge high schools.

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