If you can't find a dog or cat to love at The Animal League of Green Valley and you won't want to drive all the way to the northwest side of Tucson to go to the Pima Animal Care Center, take heart.

Sometime within the next several months, PACC will have its first mobile adoption unit.

PACC Director Kristen Hassen-Auerbach said the county is in the process of purchasing a 30-foot vehicle that will visit areas in southern and eastern Tucson filled with cats and dogs to adopt.

Right now, the people who adopt from PACC tend to live near the shelter on Silverbell Road, Hassen-Auerbach said. 

The Humane Society of Southern Arizona is also on the north side of Tucson, 12 miles from PACC.

The mobile unit will make it easier for people to adopt from PACC, people who might otherwise not be willing to make the trek, Auerbach-Hassen said.

"We’re so limited here. So many folks don’t want to drive over here," she said. "If it's easier for a person to go to Craigslist or a pet store, they’re going to do that because they just want a pet to love."

The vehicle will have roll-up sides that can carry up to 40 animals and adopters will be invited inside to fill out paperwork. The vehicle will be driven by a transport adoption coordinator who will be paid for by the Friends of PACC, she said.

"The goal is to have it on the road every day," Hassen-Auerbach said.


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