El Tour

Green Valley riders at a recent El Tour de Tucson.

The El Tour de Tucson is set to make its way through Sahuarita for the first time Nov. 21.

On Monday, the Sahuarita town council approved a contract with Perimeter Bicycling Association of America Inc., the event organizer, to bring part of the bicycle route through town limits.

The town sees this as a marketing opportunity and a chance to expose visitors to Sahuarita.

Sahuarita will be responsible for up to $10,000 to cover expenses related to street sweeping, traffic control and costs for a Parks and Recreation hosted event at Quail Creek-Veterans Municipal Park.

Perimeter will reimburse Sahuarita Police for up to $7,800 in related costs.

The route through Sahuarita will include the 100-mile and 60-mile routes and it will include parts of Sahuarita Road, Old Nogales Highway, Continental Road, Duval Mine Road and Nogales Highway.

Perimeter CEO Charlene Grabowski is excited for the opportunity and said they are working on ways to keep El Tour safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

They have created a medical advisory board to help determine best practices and are looking at how to socially distance riders, as well as mail packet information out to participants rather than require they pick it up in person.