A Green Valley woman fell victim to a costly scam last week after receiving a telephone call from someone claiming to be with Social Security.

According to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report, the victim gave the following account: She told deputies she received three calls 30 minutes apart on Nov. 7 and she decided to pick up the third call.

An automated voice told her they were from Social Security Number Legal Enforcement and provided a number for her to call. When she called, she was told her Social Security number had been suspended and she was given a case number, a warrant number and the badge number of the man she was speaking with.

The victim gave the person on the other end of the phone her Social Security number and information about her banks. She was then advised she needed to withdraw between $8,000 and $10,000 from her account.

When the woman told the man she could only withdraw $5,000 at a time, he suggested she purchase gift cards, but she declined to do so. However, the next day the man called her back and suggested she wire $10,000 to an address in Florida.

The woman wired the money and then reported the incident on Saturday when she realized she was a fraud victim.

Deputies recommended she obtain a new Social Security number and contact her banks. She was also advised she probably won't be reimbursed since she willingly sent the money.

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