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A Green Valley man lost $4,500 Monday to a man who promised to take care of some cosmetic issues with his vehicle.

According to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report, the victim was driving down Continental Road around noon Sunday when a pickup truck driver got his attention and told him he could fix his bumper. They pulled over at a dog park further up the road and the man pulled dents out of his bumper and said if he wanted dents removed from the vehicle's frame, he'd need a hammer.

The two men proceeded to the victim's home and the man offered to paint both bumpers, straighten the vehicle's frame and fix the victim's tail lights, but he'd need $3,000 to rent the necessary equipment, the report said. The victim agreed to provide the cash on Monday.

On Monday, the man called the victim and said he'd actually need $4,500. After being given the money, the man indicated he'd be back on Tuesday to complete the repairs, but he never showed up and his phone number had been disconnected, according to the report.

The deputy could not find any record of the man using his name or phone number.

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