The family of a Sahuarita man serving a two-year mission in Canada is reporting good news two weeks after a crash that killed a fellow missionary. In fact, they’re calling it a miracle.

Dallin Thompson, a 2018 graduate of Sahuarita High School, woke up and was able to tell doctors his name earlier this week — a big step on the road to recovery.

Thompson, 19, was in a two-vehicle crash Sept. 13 that killed 19-year-old Bryant Keck of Sanford, Colorado. Both were serving missions in Kamloops, British Columbia, for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Keck died Sept. 17 of his injuries.

Thompson initially was in a coma and underwent surgery for internal injuries, according to his bishop, Ryan Johnson.

Thompson’s mother, Holly Thompson, posted on her Facebook page Sept. 22, “HE IS AWAKE!!! Dallin showed enough progress with certain things today that the Dr. felt like she should try taking out the vent tube and see if he would respond. There were 3 nurses and the doctor gathered around and one asked him his name and he said, ‘Dallin.’ They all cried joyful tears and are claiming miracle status on this one. I'm still in shock trying to take it all in, but I shed my tears of joy, too. Soooo many people are praying for him and we believe in the power of prayer. We are still in the marathon, but this was a major step in the race.”

Dallin Thompson had been serving as a full-time missionary since June 19, assigned to the Vancouver Canada Mission.

“The response from people far and wide has been amazing,” said his bishop, Johnson. “The day after the crash, members of his local religious congregation joined together in a day of fasting and prayer on Dallin’s behalf. I have received reports of people fasting and praying from Arizona to Canada and in between. I am confident the response has been worldwide.”

Friends from Northern Arizona University, where Thompson attended his freshman year of college, joined in, he said, as have friends and church members in Canada.

“It is wonderful to see people of different faiths from so many places exercising their faith in prayer on Dallin’s behalf,” Johnson said.

Johnson described Thompson as “a remarkable young man,” an Eagle Scout whom he once backpacked with for three days in the Gila Wilderness Areas in New Mexico. 

“I know from personal conversation with Dallin that he looked forward to the opportunity to serve a mission for years. This is something that came from within," he said. "It is something he wanted to do because he loved the Lord and he had a desire to serve and help others.” 

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