Deputy Bill Nunez, center, was recognized as the Deputy of the Quarter by Capt. Robert Koumal, left, and Pima County Sheriff Mark Napier.

A tailgate full of bullet holes led to two arrests and a Deputy of the Quarter designation for Pima County Sheriff's Deputy Bill Nunez, who is assigned to the Green Valley District.

According to Lt. Derek Ogden, who oversees the Green Valley District, Nunez was patrolling in Amado around 11 p.m. June 5 when he spotted a truck in the park next to Sopori School. The holes in the tailgate caught Nunez's attention, along with the fact the truck didn't have any door handles. He also discovered the truck's steering column had been taken apart and it didn't have an ignition switch.

Nunez learned the owner of the truck lived near the Sahuarita home of a U.S. Border Patrol agent who was a burglary victim, Ogden said. During the burglary, someone had stolen the agent's Taser, guns and $50,000 in jewelry.

He also learned the owner had been identified as a suspect in the burglary.

While contacting Sahuarita Police, two men showed up and one of them said he was there to pick up the truck for a friend, Ogden said. Nunez investigated further and learned the man was also a suspect in the Sahuarita burglary and he detained him for SPD detectives.

"Deputy Nunez's diligence, motivation to conduct self-initiated activity and knowledge of the Green Valley District led directly to the arrest of at least two known suspects in this burglary investigation, new leads on others and the recovery of stolen property," Ogden wrote when nominating Nunez for the distinction of Deputy of the Quarter.

Ogden also noted Nunez routinely leads his squad in activity, arrests, traffic stops and calls taken. His self-motivation and dedication "have been a source of inspiration for the rest of his squad," Ogden said.

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