Mary Ann or Ginger?

Mary Ann or Ginger?

1. Dress up the dog.

2. Write an old-fashioned letter.

3. Ring-and-run your neighbor. 

4. Invite a neighbor for coffee; don’t invite 100 neighbors for coffee.

5. Decorate for Christmas to further confuse the neighbors.

6. Walk into a restaurant and sneeze (we’re kidding).

7. Walk the dog.

8. TP your neighbor’s house (they might actually be grateful).

9. Draw a chalk outline of a body on your neighbor’s driveway.

10. Learn to Skype with your family and friends.

11. Social distance from your husband and take that big vacation you’ve always wanted.

12. Digital books and movies!  More at with your Pima County library card. 

13. Get that exercise program going. Lots of exercise videos on YouTube.

14. Sahuarita author Joe Porrazzo suggests his books: “Solemnly Swear” and “Deliberate Deception.” The latter takes place in Tucson with a scene in Sahuarita. 

15. Start your autobiography. Tape it if that’s easier. (Your family may not show interest now, but guaranteed they will be one day.)

16. Cut your hair without a mirror.

17. Cook spaghetti, count the strands.

18. Count the living things in your yard. 

19. Memorize dialogue in “Casablanca.”

20. Count the gunshots in “The Wild Bunch.”

21. Curb shopping withdrawal symptoms by hosting a wardrobe exchange with your best gal pals. Each brings 5 to 10 items, names in hats determines who goes next to pick through the bounty.  Bring wine.

22. Virtually tour several museums here: 

23. Knit! 

24. Iron old hankies after washing.  

25. Play Scrabble!

26. Read aloud to each other.

27. Cook something new together.

28. Break out your puzzles and set a record for putting it together.

29. Try a new recipe and post pictures or share with a friend.

30. Go through the house and set aside things you don't need or want anymore for eventual donation to the White Elephant, Animal League or a favorite charity.

31. Invent a new cocktail.

32. Take the dog for another walk. 

33. Call a friend you haven't connected with for awhile.

34. movie marathon! This is a list of the 100 top movies of all time.

35. Practice putting on the carpet.

36. Look through your high school yearbook and try to find each person on Facebook and reconnect. 

37. Build a toilet paper fort with the 63 cases of Charmin you bought.

38. Visit Tucson’s Reid Park Zoo via it’s Zoo Cams:

39. Offer to take the cat for a walk, prepare to be looked at like you’re an idiot.

40. Become the neighborhood bookie, take bets on who’ll be the Democratic vice president nominee.

41. Write a letter to the editor.

42. Volunteer as a temp at the food banks. They could use the help. 

43. Memorize the books of the Bible. In order.

44. Read the U.S. Constitution (it will take less than an hour). 

45. Watch YouTube tutorials and start a new hobby.

46. Organize your last vacation pictures and make a Shutterfly book or one on your favorite photo site.

47. Sing out your window like they’re doing in Italy and see if anyone answers back.

48. Have an indoor picnic. Or take it out back. 

49. Open the windows and do some spring cleaning. 

50. Ginger or Mary Ann? Have a debate.

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