Helping out

Everett Watt and Adalyn Watt (in front) and their parents (back, from left) Alex and Melissa Watt, and grandparents Pat and Dennis Molick.

Melissa and Alex Watts and their children Everett, 8, and Adalyn, 5 came to visit their grandparents Dennis and Pat Molick in Green Valley on March 12

never thinking it would be difficult to fly back to Columbus, Indiana, on schedule.

Beyond not knowing when flights will be available once it’s safe to fly home, GVR swimming pools are closed — and kids need something to do.

Creative at 8, Everett came up with an idea to keep busy and raise money to help staff at Santa Cruz Valley Regional Hospital in Green Valley.

He and Adalyn painted rocks and have agave plants in Styrofoam cups that they’re offering to passersby for donations.

Everett said as of Thursday, his “keep busy-do good” business idea had taken in $49 and he seemed quite pleased.

How will the donations help staff at the local hospital?

“We’re going to buy gift cards for workers,” Alex said.

Mom Melissa said they plan to buy the gift cards from local restaurants to

help them during this unprecedented time when restaurants in Arizona can only offer take-out.

Trying as it is for the Watts family not to know when they can return home Grandma Pat Molick said, “We’re blessed to have them.”

The table of painted rocks and plants is set up outside 3801 S. Via de la Urraca in Canoa Seca Estates II.

— Ellen Sussman