Friends In Deed

Madeline Sperry, left, received a $1,150 check from Jay Lucas after the Fifth Annual Quail Creek Cool Car Show was canceled amid coronavirus shutdowns.

It's never fun to have an event canceled, but participants in the Fifth Annual Quail Creek Cool Car Show found a way to do some good for Friends In Deed anyway.

After coronavirus put the kibosh on the show, organizers asked participants if they would forego a refund and donate their $30 entry fee to FiD.

Jay Lucas, chair for the event's organizing committee, said he was surprised and pleased to find that only one registrant opted to take a refund.

That added up to $1,150 that the canceled event was able to raise for the organization.

"There was like 65 or 66 cars registered already and we had to cancel it," Lucas said. "They all just donated the money, which was nice of them."

Every year the show donates money to a local cause through a raffle. This year, organizers planned to support Friends with their efforts.

"Usually, we give out around $3,000 to $4,000," Lucas said. "But, everything went south."

Madeline Sperry is the operations director at Friends In Deed. The check Lucas presented Sperry on Friday will go toward helping pay for the fuel the organization needs to transport clients to their medical appointments.

Sperry said Friends relies entirely on donations and volunteers to keep services going.

"Since we run on only donations, we're thankful for every donation we get," she said.

Sperry was also impressed that all but one person turned their registration into a donation.

"Green Valley is lucky to have Friends In Deed, and we are thankful (to) all of the community for the help they have shown us over the years," she said.

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