The Continental Elementary School District will end transportation in the Elephant Head area and Purple Finch Lane and Cooper's Hawk Road areas this summer.

Starting July 5, the bus will no longer pick up in those areas for Continental School.

According to a transportation report during the Governing Board's meeting Monday, the routes are averaging four students and there is one student using the bus to get to Walden Grove High School.

The district estimates a savings of $8,100 in fuel costs by eliminating the two routes. It would also save them 18,900 miles a year.

Parents were notified of the change through a letter April 1.

Students in these areas may remain enrolled at CESD, but families will need to come up with their own transportation in the next school year. Schools are not legally mandated to provide transportation for students.

Sahuarita Unified School District is offering open enrollment to students in the affected areas.