Census takers will have an ID with photo, expiration date, name and a Department of Commerce watermark. They will also have an official bag and electronic device with Census Bureau logo.

If you haven't filled out the 2020 Census yet, get ready for that knock at the door. The U.S. Census Bureau plans to start sending census takers door-to-door Aug. 11 to contact those who haven't responded.

That means things could be fairly quiet in Sahuarita. The town tied with Gilbert for second place in overall response rates at 73.3 percent. Oro Valley was No. 1 at 75.3 percent.

But Pima County's overall response rate is a little more so-so.

The county has a 63.2 percent response rate, which is better than the overall rate of 59.3 percent for the state and just above the national rate of 62.6 percent.

The overall response rate for the county's largest population center is puttering along. Tucson is at 60.5 percent, and far behind is the City of South Tucson at 40.6 percent.

Pima County recorded low response rates in rural areas west and southwest of Tucson.

The Constitution mandates a population census every 10 years, and the 2020 Census began April 1. The Census determines each state's representation in the U.S. House and federal fund allocations for 10 years.

Each person counted represents about $3,000 in federal funding allocated to the state.

The county plans to send reminders to residents in low-response areas with Census instructions and information in English and Spanish. The packets also include coronavirus safety guidelines, information on the Kino Events Center testing site and a cloth face mask.

The federal government extended the Census to the end of October due to COVID-19. Census takers will visit non-responsive homes to gather in-person data or leave directions to respond online or by phone if they don't answer.

Census takers may also make subsequent visits until Oct. 31.

Safety concerns

Anyone who does receive a knock on the door from a census taker should be aware of potential scams and verify the identity of the worker.

Census Bureau representatives will present an ID badge with their name, photo, expiration date and a Department of Commerce watermark.

They will also have an official bag and Bureau-issued electronic device bearing the Census Bureau's logo.

Census takers conduct their work between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m.

Residents can also contact regional offices to verify a representative's identity. Arizonans can call the Dallas Regional Census Center at 972-510-1800.

The Census Bureau has a page available online on how to avoid census-related scams.

Census takers also complete COVID-19 training online covering social distancing and other health and safety protocols. They will wear masks and comply with local health guidelines as well.

Residents can voluntarily respond to the Census until Oct. 31. However, the earlier residents respond, the less likely a census taker will visit your home.

Residents can take the Census online at or call 844-330-2020.

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