A Green Valley neighborhood woke up to the sight of a Customs and Border Protection helicopter dropping Border Patrol agents onto their streets Monday morning after a call reporting suspected illegal immigrants in the area.

A Border Patrol spokesman said a caller reported 30 immigrants coming through the Canoa Northwest neighborhood, about a half-mile north of Canoa Ranch Golf Club.

The copter flew over an arroyo near Calle Ceja and Calle Cacillo and agents came through the streets.

The spokesman said agents apprehended 10 suspected immigrants but he had no details on where they were from or other information.

People from several neighborhoods, including San Ignacio Vistas and San Ignacio Estates, posted witness accounts on social media along with photos.

One reported hearing the helicopter about 7 a.m. and seeing “at least 20 people dressed in camouflage suddenly run across Camino del Sol, onto the San Ignacio golf course, right in front of me, with the Border Patrol right on their heels.”

The Border Patrol spokesman said he would release more information Tuesday, including frequency of sightings in Green Valley and group sizes.