Jean Davis

Jean Davis may be retiring, but she hopes to continue to volunteer at The Animal League of Green Valley.

After 15 years as director of The Animal League of Green Valley, Jean Davis is saying goodbye.

Dec. 31 will be her last day as director of TALGV and as board president, Davis said.

She hopes to continue volunteering behind the scenes, she said, in particular with the shelter's youth intern and Vet Care for Life programs.

Her board has known since earlier this year that she'd be stepping down, Davis said.

"You have to do it right and you want to go when they still want you, too," Davis said. 

Davis began volunteering at TALGV in 2003, when she retired after 30 years in the Continental Elementary School District. Two years later, she was elected president of the TALGV board.

Davis decided to volunteer at the shelter because she's always been an animal lover. Another motivating factor was her mother, a retired teacher who died in her 90s. She frequently said that if she’d known she was going to live so long she would’ve done something more to contribute to her community, Davis said.

There was another factor, however.

"One of my most vivid memories of my early days in Green Valley was seeing on the front of the Tucson Citizen a picture taken out at one of the dumps," Davis said. "It was this huge picture and I can still picture it as if I’m looking at it. It was this pile of dead dogs and right in the middle was this big white dog."

Sickened by what she saw, Davis immediately decided she wanted to help limit the number of animals being euthanized.

As she gets ready to leave the all-volunteer organization, Davis said she's proud of TALGV and how much support its received from the community.

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