Have you put off wearing contact lenses because of these myths?

“I can’t wear contacts because I have astigmatism.”

FALSE. People with astigmatism had difficulty wearing contact lenses in the past, but now there are new lenses and materials which result in very stable and clear vision.

“My eyes get too dry to wear contact lenses.”

FALSE. While it is true contact lenses can exacerbate dry eyes, new water gradient technology, and highly moisturizing contact lens solutions can minimize this to almost nothing.

“I can only read by wearing reading glasses over my contact lenses.”

FALSE. Now there are multifocal contact lenses which correct both distance and near vision by taking advantage of the pupil’s natural response to change in size depending on where you’re focusing; allowing you to see clearly at all distances.

“I have bad eyes – a high prescription and a history of surgery, so I can’t wear contacts.”

FALSE. Many people with advanced eye disorders actually see better with contact lenses because they improve peripheral vision and reduce any major differences between eyes.

Maybe you were told years ago that contact lenses wouldn’t work for you, but science and technology have created types of contact lenses that will correct your vision in spite of almost any eye condition.

Don’t believe the myths. The only way to know if you can wear contact lenses is to see an eye doctor for professional advice and a proper fitting. Call Vista Eye Care at 520-625-5673 for an appointment today.