We are all embracing a “new normal” in staying inside as much as possible. When working with elderly people - as we at The Villas at Green Valley do - it’s especially important to follow the official directives to keep residents safe indoors.

Staying in can make you stir-crazy, nervous and worried; or it can make you appreciative of the little joys in life. It’s up to you.

Tips for finding the joys of life while staying inside.

Here are some tips for staying positive and finding joy:

• Appreciate nature. If you’re “up with the sun,” take time to enjoy the colors and the majesty as it rises and sets. Listen in the quiet to hear the baby birds chirping.

• Do what you love. You may need to make some modifications, but you can still do what you love. If your painting class is cancelled, for example, follow a TV painting class. Different teachers show you different skills!

• Do what you always wished you could. Read the book you set aside for “someday.” Start an ongoing project like researching your genealogy. If you always felt you had a book inside you to write, now’s the time.

• Practice gratitude. Instead of dwelling on what you can’t do now, look for what you can do and what you have. Friends and family. Beloved pets. Caregivers who truly care.

Brought to you by the residents and staff of The Villas at Green Valley Assisted Living and Memory Care Neighborhood, 520-448-0480.