Dog in pool

After our beautiful and mild spring, temperatures are finally starting to rise. Unfortunately, dogs might be the ones to suffer if their owners are not careful. Here are a few tips to keep your pets safe:

Restrict activity to cool times of the day. All exercise should be done early in the morning or later in the evening to avoid the hot sun.

Beware of hot sidewalks. These can become extremely hot by the end of a summer day. Be aware of the temperature of the concrete and asphalt on your dog’s sensitive feet.

Provide shade and water. Dogs should have full access to shade and water when spending any time outside in the summer.

Be aware of your dog’s breed and weight. Many dog breeds like Bulldogs, Pugs and ShihTzus, are less tolerant of the heat than other breeds due to their short faces. If your dog is overweight, they also are more likely to overheat on hot day. It’s best to keep these guys in air conditioning during the hottest parts of the day.

Cool Treats. A kiddie pool or a frozen treat is a great way for your pup to cool off. Many dog ice creams are now available (be careful if your pet is on a special diet) or you can freeze your own out of fat free yogurt, bananas or peanut butter.

Too much time in the heat can be an emergency for some pets. If you have any concerns this summer about your pet, contact Valley Verde Veterinarians at (520) 393-7387.

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