Chances are you’re getting out a bit more now but still aren’t as busy as you used to be. So it’s the ideal time to accomplish some of the things that have been on your “To Do” list for a while - like putting together your estate plan or reviewing and updating a plan you have.

Choose how you want to get together.

I have always gone to clients or met them at a convenient place. I continue to do that, but observe more social distance and take extra precautions such as meeting a client outside or coming through a back door to their patio. It’s simple to arrange chairs six feet apart.

Or, we can meet at a coffee shop’s outdoor space. Either way, we wear masks during the meeting and don’t share pens or other items. And, of course, we finish our meeting with hand sanitizer instead of handshakes.

If you prefer, we can “meet” remotely with an online, virtual meeting.

What documents are in an estate plan?

You may have a Will, but an estate plan also includes:

• A Trust or Will expressing your final wishes for personal items, etc.

• Medical and Financial Powers of Attorney to allow someone you appoint to speak for you regarding medical and financial issues.

• A Living Will specifying measures you do/do not want taken if you are incapacitated.

Don’t worry - I’ll lead you through it step by step!

For an appointment contact Janie Stover, Arizona Certified Legal Document Preparer (AZCLDP), at 520-240-6723.