When a person moves to an assisted living community, it’s only natural to want to bring their pet along. Luckily, many communities welcome residents’ Fluffys and Codys because they help maintain mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Constant Companions

In an unfamiliar living situation, it’s comforting to come home to the unconditional love and camaraderie of your beloved pet. Pets also bring great opportunities to meet new people while you’re out together.

A recent study monitored the behaviors of long-term care residents who experienced therapy-based pet interaction versus those that did not. The results showed that people exposed to animals were more likely to participate in long conversations than those without pets.

Sense of Security

According to a study from the National Health Call Center, the vast majority of those living in assisted living communities said that they feel an increased sense of security having their pets near. Dogs in particular can give owners a sense of security while out and about in public.

Nurturing Your Health

Caring for a pet promotes overall wellbeing, helping us live longer, happier and healthier lives. All pets – not just certified therapy animals – reduce stress, lower blood pressure and decrease depression. One research project found that pet owners older than 65 visited the hospital 21 percent less often than those without pets.

Prestige Assisted Living at Green Valley welcomes your pets because we understand how important they are to you. To learn more about our community, call (520) 648-5583 or visit

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