Staying active at every age is one of the secrets to a long, healthy life.

But, despite the best intentions, it can be difficult to motivate yourself into beginning – and sticking to – a regular exercise routine. Physical constraints or a busy schedule may create a barrier to getting adequate exercise, but it’s important to prioritize physical activity into your schedule, especially as you age and your body changes.

Even light daily exercises have many benefits:

* Can improve your body’s wound-healing process

* Prevent disease

* Foster greater independence

* Increase your mental capacity

* Slow the loss of muscle

* Strengthen bones and reduce joint problems

* Improves your balance, which reduces your risk of falling and suffering a serious injury like a fractured hip.

The key to incorporating exercise into your life is to develop a routine that fits your needs and lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be in a gym or outdoors – Try incorporating small exercises into your inactive moments. Need to reach a glass from your cupboard? Grab the glass, return it to the cupboard, and repeat with your alternate arm. Take the stairs whenever you can instead of using a ramp or elevator.

Even these seemingly small acts can make a big difference in improving and maintaining your health.

It’s never too late to adopt a healthier lifestyle and reap the benefits of active aging. Call (520) 648-5583 to learn more about how residents at Prestige Assisted Living at Green Valley stay active.

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