Of all the advances in medicine, regenerative medicine in the form of Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) holds the most promise for healing degenerative joints in addition to many other tissues and organ systems, including cardiac, autoimmune and neurologic diseases.

MSCs can be harvested from one’s own bone marrow or adipose tissue - which is stored as fat - or, more preferably, from full-term C-section cord and amniotic sac and fluid. Side effects are next to none, and MSCs do not cause immunological reactions.

With the introduction of stem cells, a new era of regenerative medicine is being ushered in, which is not only decreasing the need for surgical intervention but also offering hope for difficult-to-treat conditions such as cardiomyopathies, serious neurologic and autoimmune diseases – going beyond formally “managing” the disease to truly repair, restore and regenerate.

“Bringing in the troops”

Our bodies have MSCs in nearly every tissue, which are responsible for regenerating damaged cells, whether the cause is degeneration (e.g. cartilage), injury or toxins. When we inject MSCs into damaged areas - “bringing in the troops” - we augment the body’s regenerative capacity. MSCs heal damaged tissue by orchestrating the entire healing cascade, providing building blocks for new tissue as well as necessary messenger signaling molecules.

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