Diabetes Relief is a revolutionary way to treat Type I and Type II diabetes, pre-diabetes, or metabolic syndrome. Treatments consist of administering a small amount of insulin over a 2-3 hour period, initially twice weekly, tapering eventually down to one treatment per month for maintenance.

Insulin is used as a hormone in Diabetes Relief treatments, re-establishing proper receptor activity for insulin to work optimally. Proper insulin secretion occurs in pulses, but is lost with diabetic patients. Diabetes Relief treatments work by restoring proper pancreatic functioning as well as improving the functioning of the liver.

The results of Diabetes Relief speak for themselves. Peripheral neuropathy is among the most troubling complications of diabetes mellitus, and neuropathy is improved over 90% with these treatments. Diabetes Relief treatments improve cellular ATP production (energy) so that the diabetic patients’ cells respond more readily to insulin. This results in requiring less diabetic medications, oral or insulin. Diabetic wounds are both prevented and improved with Diabetic Relief treatments.

The pulsatile secretion of insulin from pancreatic beta cells was discovered over eighty years ago, but no one, until Diabetes Relief was formed, has paid attention to and attempted to treat diabetes patients utilizing this information. As a result, insulin resistance continues in the diabetic, despite proper administration of medications, including insulin.

With Diabetes Relief treatments, while diabetes is not cured, complications are drastically reduced, potentially saving not only millions of dollars, but also the dreaded blindness, kidney failure (leading to hemodialysis), dementia, cardiac, and wound complications.

For more information about Diabetes Relief, call the Nature Cure Clinic at 520-399-9212.

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