If you or a loved one has diabetes, you know the devastating effects it can have - pain or neuropathy in the feet, slow-healing wounds, kidney failure, blindness and more. Diabetes is a progressive disease, so it worsens over time and with age.

Cutting Edge Technology for Diabetes

An exciting new program is bringing relief to diabetics in astounding ways. Called Diabetes Relief, it has been available for five years in other parts of the country, and many have traveled from other states to get it.

Diabetes Relief is not a cure for diabetes, but it can provide tremendous benefits by reversing many of the disease’s typical side effects.

Patients who began their treatment in wheelchairs now walk into their appointments. Those who became blind can see again. Others are no longer tied down to the demands of dialysis.

How it Works

Unlike traditional diabetes treatment, Diabetes Relief acts as a hormone in the body, rather than a drug. It stimulates the pancreas and liver to communicate again.

Infusions lasting 2-3 hours start at twice weekly, but over a 10-week period, the need for them decreases to a maintenance level. Meanwhile, patients begin to see the effects of the disease scaling back as they can walk without assistance and are free from pain.

Beginning January 1, the Diabetes Relief program will be available right here in Green Valley. For your consultation, contact Nature Cure Clinic at (520) 399-9212.

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