Chances are there have been a lot of changes since you closed your original mortgage loan. Refinancing your current mortgage could unlock the door to additional financial flexibility:

• Refinance to get a lower interest rate and thus, a lower monthly payment. You may even be able to skip two months of payments

• Since your house may have increased in value, you may be able to have private mortgage insurance dropped – again lowering your payment and increasing your monthly cash flow.

• The equity you have built could put money in your pocket with a cash out refinance. This extra cash could be used for building your nest egg, home improvements, education and/or to pay off consumer debt.

• Lower 15-year fixed rates could be beneficial over your 30-year mortgage, allowing you to pay-off your home in half the time with little change in your current payment.

Remember, time is of the essence. Interest rates typically go up much faster than they go down so don't wait any longer — make the smart move and get your free Nation's Lending Mortgage Checkup today. Call Steve Oesterle today — 520-612-0479, your local Green Valley Mortgage Lender.