Kildoo building

How do you know you’re receiving quality dentistry?

Let’s pretend we are going to the office for the first time. As you pull up to the office, is the presentation nice and neat? The property well landscaped? As you enter the office, is the décor attractive? Does the reception area appear neat and tidy? Is it welcoming and comfortable or does it look like a clinic?

Are you greeted warmly, even enthusiastically by the employees? Did they greet you by name? As you are taken to the operatory, does the equipment look up-to-date? Computers in the room? Is the dental chair comfortable? Do they tell you everything that will be accomplished at today’s visit?

Are you impressed?

This visit has been orchestrated, planned and rehearsed. That’s obvious. That attention to detail is not an accident and you can be assured this trait continues with everything they do. They are proud of their reputation and use the highest quality of everything from supplies, to labs, to equipment.

Usually, you’ll notice a photo book of the dentist’s work or a collection of what patients have written about the dentist. I bet patients even travel to visit this office.

Look for the doctors’ credentials. Where did they go to dental school? Are there a bunch of initials after their name?

Ask questions! This is your health at risk!

For dental advice and quality advanced or routine care, make an appointment with Dr. Dawnie Kildoo at Legacy Smile of Southern Arizona, 520-625-0131.

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