1) STAY ACTIVE TO PREVENT FALLS - Make note of your current abilities/level of activity. Add additional activity as approved by your doctor. Staying active helps maintain healthy muscles and bones and improves balance. Adversely, becoming less active can cause muscle loss, worsened balance, and a decline in overall health.

2) SOCIAL AND MENTAL STIMULATION - Being socially and mentally active has many health benefits. Find a hobby that is mentally challenging, a social group or even just an online game/group.

3) MUSCLES FOR SAFETY – Leg and core muscles are important for getting on/off the toilet or up from chairs/bed. Keep leg and core muscles strong to prevent needing additional assistance.


- Keep an updated meds list.

- Contact the fire department about having a lockbox placed at your home for emergency access.

- Post important info on your refrigerator, where EMS will look for it. (ie: DNR, emergency contacts, meds lists, etc.).

- Interview local home care agencies in advance so you are ready if/when you need it.

- Consider an emergency call button service or keep your phone on your person (or walker if you use one) at all times.

- Familiarize yourself with free or low-cost resources GV has, e.g.: Transportation services, shopping delivered to you, meal services, etc. *

* Can’t find the type of service or resource you are looking for? Call us at 520-625-2050 or stop in for a free local Resource Guide. (In the Safeway shopping center on Duval Mine Rd.)