Sometimes it’s difficult to know when to start in-home care for a loved one. Of course every situation is different, but generally, it’s wise to start sooner rather than later.

Common times for in-home assistance

Many families find in-home care helpful for their loved ones at certain times:

• Coming home from rehab.

• Being released from the hospital.

• During chronic disease.

• After a fall.

• When diagnosed with early dementia.

• If you are concerned for their safety.

Patients are often released from the hospital or rehab before they are comfortable functioning well on their own. Or you’re concerned for their safety during the day.

Avoiding the snowball effect.

When you hire in-home assistance before your loved one’s physical condition worsens, a good home care assistance service can help them improve and stay healthy enough to continue to live at home.

For example, after a fall it’s natural to be afraid of falling again, so a person becomes overly cautious. They’re less active overall, which causes them to experience stiffness and pain and has the snowball effect of them being even less active, causing more physical problems.

But, if your home care service provides someone who can guide your loved one through their exercises, or even design gentle exercises to strengthen their core muscles so they can sit, stand and be mobile on their own, they can remain independent.

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