Lake Chapala

Clara and Stuart relaxing at Lake Chapala.

We’re driving along the road from Guadalajara to Ajijic (pronounced ahihic), and as we head over the hills, we have a spectacular view of Lake Chapala, the largest lake in Mexico. Ajijic is a small and beautiful town by the lake. The weather is perfect, as is the norm at the lake, and we can't wait to feel the shore breeze in our faces, walk around the park, and visit the stores and boutiques.

But first we stopped at La Nueva Posada hotel for lunch. The restaurant in the hotel is named La Rusa, to honor the first foreigner that retired in Ajijic back in the 40's, Ayenear Zara Alexeyewa, a Russian prima ballerina. We ate on their beautiful patio with a great view of the lake. Once you’re there, you just want to enjoy the sounds, the smells and the colors around you.

It’s easy to understand why Ajijic and the other towns around the lake are among the most popular places in Mexico for “Snowbirds.” They arrive from USA and Canada during the winter months to have their “lake fix” in this quiet, colorful community.

Ajijic means, “Place were the water splashes,” and was registered as a Spanish village in 1531. It is one of the most ancient colonial towns in Mexico.

No wonder Alexeyewa decided to spend her golden years by the lake in Ajijic. I would not mind at all to follow in her footsteps.

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