No, it is not the Tlaquepaque like the one in Sedona, which is a shopping mall. Here in Mexico it's a real town, and what a town it is! That’s what we tell everyone who visits Tlaquepaque with us for the first time.

As soon as we arrive, everybody is captivated with this beautiful colonial-era town. Every step you take, everywhere you look there is something beautiful or interesting to see. We walked for several blocks just admiring the arts and crafts in the stores. Many of the old colonial houses are now boutiques, museums and restaurants, and on the weekends the streets are full of local families just enjoying the day.

Gardens, trees and flowers brighten every corner. Whether you like going into the stores or not, sitting on a bench eating ice cream or drinking a beer while enjoying mariachi music, you will feel happy to be there.

The traditional cuisine that Tlaquepaque offers is just amazing. Lunch at Casa Fuerte includes delicious mole and other exotic and traditional dishes, and we just love to sit in the patio of the old colonial house.

The beauty of Tlaquepaque is that it is not a shopping mall. People live and work in this beautiful town, and when you are there, you can see why it is one of the most vibrant and celebrated towns in Mexico.

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