Having been all around Guadalajara, we decided to have lunch in Zapopan. The most convenient way to go was the public transportation; very efficient and affordable. If you are going to take a bus in Guadalajara, you ask three different people for the bus route number, and you are going to get several options. The one that all three people suggest is the one you take.

The route to Zapopan takes you through beautiful avenues with flowers and big trees. We pass by the Bosque Colomos, a huge natural forested reserve in the city.

Even though it's now part of the Guadalajara Metropolitan area and has some of the most expensive real state in Mexico, downtown Zapopan still has that small-town feeling that leaves visitors enchanted.

Thousands of pilgrims visit the town, famous for their patron saint, Our Lady of Zapopan, and their church.

We were amazed by the devotion of the people, who come from all over to dance - choreographed dances in colorful costumes - and play drums for the Lady. We strolled around the plaza and stopped by a typical corn-on-the-cob stand, and cannot walk away without buying grilled corn with lime and powdered chili. Delicious.

At a little family-owned restaurant that we love in the plaza, we honored the Mexican tradition of eating over an extended period of time, just watching people and enjoying the beautiful afternoon in a little corner of the big city.

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