Once upon a time, homeowners and HVAC contractors were mainly concerned about two things – heating or cooling a space. Advances in technology have delivered new and more efficient ways to control indoor comfort and improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

Rethink your indoor environment.

These new capabilities offer so many advantages that home and business owners need to rethink the way the indoor environment is managed and controlled. Before installing or modifying an HVAC system, today’s heating and cooling professionals must be concerned about key indoor environmental factors such as:

• The “tightness” of the structure and inside air exchange rates.

• Structural configuration – attached garages, location of heat sources, new additions, materials used, etc.

• Presence of problem contaminants – biological and chemical.

• Geographic location – prevailing winds, high or low humidity.

• Existence of volatile organic compounds.

• Presence of combustion by-products.

Give your space the best possible IAQ.

Experts estimate that people in industrialized nations spend nearly 90% of their time indoors. Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner or both, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of the latest equipment capabilities for the best possible IAQ. Be sure to ask a qualified HVAC contractor to complete an in-depth home energy and air quality assessment prior to installing or modifying your HVAC systems.

For an in-depth home energy and air quality assessment, regular maintenance or any HVAC issue, contact Green Valley Cooling & Heating – or 520-625-1234.

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