If you are just returning to beautiful Arizona from the cooler climates or have been here all summer and have waited to have your legs checked, you’re invited to our October Free Vein Screening Event from 9 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 27 or Thursday, October 29 at Coates Vein Center in Sahuarita.

Venous diseases are often hereditary or age related conditions; left untreated they may result in more serious problems. Symptoms may often include restlessness, heaviness, tiredness or cramping in addition to the visual appearance .Please share this Free Vein Screening Event notice with your friends and family who may also seek relief.

If you have been reluctant to wear short pants or skirts, come in for an examination and discussion of treatment options. All procedures are done in our office for your convenience and safety. Visit our website,, for additional information about our practice.

Free vein screenings include a history, brief exam and modified ultrasound by our physician. Screening appointments last approximately 15-20 minutes. To schedule your free vein screening appointment with a true vein specialist, call Coates Vein Center at (520) 849-8346 (VEIN).