We often hear this complaint from patients who purchased over-the-counter compression stockings and are therefore reluctant to wear the ones we suggest for symptom relief or following treatment for venous problems.

Most of our patients are pleasantly surprised when they try on properly made support stockings. Graduated compression stockings are designed to counteract the effect of gravity that causes fluid accumulation in the feet.

Stockings need to be tightest at the ankle and less tight as they go up the thigh in a precise gradient in order to feel comfortable. This requires measurements at several locations along the leg because the most effective stockings are manufactured to exact specifications on as many as 12 or 18 different model shapes. This makes them expensive to manufacture and often not available over-the-counter.

Improvements in fabrics include soft microfiber or sheer hosiery that can also come in a range of fashionable colors. This means they’re comfortable even in Arizona weather and they don't have to look like an artificial leg.

Compression socks also help people who travel in airplanes or cars or have an occupation that requires a lot of standing including nurses, pharmacists and hairstylists. Even professional athletes, runners and bicyclists use compression socks to improve their performance and speed recovery after the events.

If you're having trouble putting the stockings on, there are tips that can help. If they’re uncomfortable after wearing them, you probably have the wrong size or strength of stockings.

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