Some “facts” you hear about centipedes are true and some aren’t. Here’s the lowdown on these creepy crawlers.

“FACT” – Cent means 100. Centipedes have 100 legs!

FALSE. It looks like 100 when they’re moving fast – but it’s typically 10-20 pairs of legs, one pair per body segment.

“FACT” – Arizona centipedes can eat lizards!

TRUE. Many insects are supersized here. The tan/brown Common Desert Centipede is about 4-5”, and the black/orange Giant Desert Centipede is about 6-8” long. Although they typically eat other insects, they occasionally eat small rodents, frogs and lizards.

“FACT” – They only come out at night.

TRUE. Centipedes come out to hunt at night. During the day they hide under rocks, in crevices and potted plants.

“FACT” – Centipede bites are extremely painful but not usually deadly.

IT DEPENDS….They’re not typically deadly for humans, but can be for their prey. Special legs behind the head pinch and inject a venom into their victims.

“FACT” – Centipedes are easy to control with bait you can buy in stores.

FALSE. If you see centipedes in your home, it means they’ve come inside to eat other insects. To make centipedes go away, you need to rid your home of all other insects, including those you may not see. A professional knows where and how to find them.

TIP: Properly installed weather stripping/door sweeps help keep centipedes out. They can still get in, though, so shake out your shoes and be careful reaching into closets and other dark areas.

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