Summer’s hot weather brings critters and crawling things. Here’s how to prevent the most common pests from invading your home:


Scorpions can deliver a painful and serious sting. At worst, the venom can be fatal, so it’s important to protect you and your loved ones from them.

* Keep clutter around your house to a minimum, along with food sources.

* Seal any openings critters can fit through – scorpions only need about the thickness of a credit card to gain access.

* Don’t leave damp towels on your floor. The cool, moist space makes a perfect scorpion hiding spot.

If you feel brave, use a blacklight at night to find scorpions around your home and yard - they glow bright green! Just be careful not to get stung.


Ants can pack a painful bite. Take time to thoroughly clean up after every meal and wipe up spills quickly. Store your food – including pet food - in cabinets and containers off the floor so its scent remains undetectable.


Arizona has all kinds of spiders, and some are poisonous.

* Be careful not to walk into a web you can’t see, mostly around patio furniture.

* Keep your outside items separate from your inside ones. Anytime you bring something inside that usually stays outside, you could be bringing in an unwanted visitor.

If any of these pests become a problem, don’t delay. Contact Bill’s Home Service right away at 520-625-2381.

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